Woodbine poker, its types and promotions

Woodbine poker general information

The facility has received license approval to operate in the largest city in Canada in 2018. The casino offers lots of different table card games and the poker lottery too. From now on, local residents and people from other places may come to the city and enjoy wonderful atmosphere with the chances to win some money. Woodbine poker casino has been awarded the right by OLG to operate its casino in Great Toronto area. The facility is enormous and every individual may experience large number of benefits that include:

  • Approximately 50 live dealer tables are available.
  • Woodbine casino poker tournaments are provided regularly.
  • 200 electronic tables are offered to the casino’s clients.
  • Stadium style configuration and set up offers public additional 100+ positions.
  • Extra 50 live tables will be added by the end of this year making it 100 in total.
  • The overall number of slots may reach as much as 3000 in the near future.
  • 300 slots will be added in the final quarter of 2019.

The facility is absolutely new hence its quality stands second to none.

Types of poker that can be played at Woodbine casino

Overall, there are almost 100 poker tables that are offered at Woodbine poker casino but some tables are also used for playing blackjack. Virtually every variety of poker is covered and players can enjoy any type of poker, which makes their preferences. Not every casino can proudly declare that it can offer its clients so much but Woodbine casino is definitely an exception. It offers the following:

  • Mississippi stud poker.
  • Holdem poker.
  • Caribbean stud poker.
  • Three card poker.
  • Draw poker.
  • Variety of stud poker.
  • Straight poker.

Woodbine poker tournaments are held regularly, so every individual may experience and enjoy highly sophisticated competition and compete against the other players.

Promotions of the casino

The casino management uses any device to attract new players and keep the existing customers. For that reason, Woodbine poker requires promotion policies to encourage people to come and buy chips to play. This is where the management excels and grateful players show their respect in response. Offered promotions really help to attract more attention and provide outstanding offers to any individual. It includes the following:

  • Double cash back can be obtained every Wednesday from 9 am until the midnight.
  • Seniors’ day is held every Sunday with power bonus of up to CAD 1000.00 held every hour from 8 am until 2 pm.
  • CAD 10.00 voucher for free food and beverages is offered from 7 am until 2.30 pm.
  • New members reward program includes CAD 250.00 matching bonus.
  • Winter wonder days and other months days when dozens of thousands of dollars can be won.

Woodbine poker tables at Woodbine casino are purely outstanding because the facility is completely new, sparkling and shiny. This is a great opportunity to have some good time and win some money too.

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