MyCitadel Online Casinos

MyCitadel Casinos

After trying slots for fun, many individuals get a desire to play online genuine money. They have an easy however affordable desire: to win a lot and alter their life for the much better. This raises a variety of concerns and problems for individuals who are not familiar with electronic payment systems or who have just never ever attempted to make internet payments.

Conventional approaches of payment performed on the Web, and in specific deals in online casinos, can be divided into the following categories: bank cards and virtual checking account, electronic payment systems, and bank transfers. However, some systems like MyCitadel, have combined a number of payment alternatives. Odd as it may sound, nevertheless, using them, it is practical to renew many services on the Web, and they have been popular for their simpleness and security. Although the variety of MyCitadel casinos is not fantastic, the reviews on them and the payment technique they utilize are often favorable.

Introduction to MyCitadel

MyCitadel is a practical choice for online payments, including transferring cash on the gamer’s accounts in internet casinos. Working since 1999, Citadel Commence, the company which produced the wallet reviewed here proved its safety and reliability.

If an individual has an interest in opening and further usage of this wallet, they should better go to the main site of the company and get in touch with the 24/7 assistance service.

How do MyCitadel Online Casinos work

Working 24 hrs a day, they supply support for MyCitadel users and take duty for safe and safe players’ money transfers. Although there are just 20+ MyCitadel gambling establishments on the internet, they are known for numerous countless fans of internet gambling.

When you select among these sources, make sure that the choice to make immediate money transfers without supplying additional (and extremely frequently, even unneeded) bank information is featured here.

How to make a deposit utilizing MyCitadel

If a player selects this payment system and wishes to replenish his account in a web gambling establishment, he needs to do the following:

  • Download the chosen MyCitadel casino software application;
  • Produce his account following prompts offered by the website;
  • Pick MyCitadel as a payment approach (at a Cashier);
  • Select the sum that must be transferred to the account;
  • Provide the email address and a special security code that is used to a log-in procedure.

When the action is sent, the gamer will get a deal verification.

How to withdraw from a casino using MyCitadel

MyCitadel casinos let their clients cash out money they won throughout online gambling, just a comparable payment system was picked for a deposit. When this is done, the amount of withdrawal must be provided. Some gambling establishments restrict their players to withdraw their wins, but with MyCitadel wallet, they can cash out all they got as a prize for successful gambling.

Advantages of MyCitadel

Casinos, which offer their customers to use MyCitadel wallet, have actually shown their security. As quickly as a special code is needed to log into a player’s MyCitadel account, it protects his money from theft. The most recent encryption technologies used here let gamers ignore worries concerning the security of their cash.

Other crucial benefits of MyCitadel gambling establishments are:

  • A gamer, who deposits or withdraws an amount that is not over a thousand Euros, is not charged for the deal. When the cash transferred is more than a thousand Euros, the charge for the operation is extremely small;
  • As no card information are supplied here for any operations, gamers discover this technique anonymous and safe and secure;
  • As quickly as this wallet is available in numerous nations, players from all over the world have a right to bet at any resources they like (if this is among the MyCitadel casinos). They can do it the very same moment they transfer cash: no unique confirmation of their personal details is needed;
  • One MyCitadel account can be utilized at lots of casinos that utilize this payment;
  • Digital accounts that are currently opened can be utilized in MyCitadel gambling establishments at any time.

As soon as registered in this system, its customer decides to use it for online gaming (and other internet activities) worldwide. Deals can be tracked.

Disadvantages of MyCitadel

As any other internet video gaming resources that provide traditional (bank cards, e-wallets) payment systems, MyCitadel gambling establishments also have some disadvantaged. For example, American web bettors can not utilize this system, although dollars are offered for wallet users.

Another minus for today is that presently, it is an issue to sign up a new user in the system. It is not possible to do it through the website of the company automatically. However, whatever can be chosen in person – a gamer can call the support service of MyCitadel, and in this case, he can be signed up as a brand-new user.


The most-often-asked concerns about this system consist of minutes about the variety of gambling establishments using this payment choice, the costs for its use, pros, and cons of MyCitadel, etc.

  • Why should I use MyCitadel? Use of this system simplifies all operations that are gotten in touch with MyCitadel gambling establishments accounts.
  • Is it accepted at all online casinos? No, it is not. Only 20 casinos utilize it. However, these are casinos that work worldwide and provide their customers multilingual support.
  • How does it compare to other comparable platforms? It is much faster than other payment systems (instant payments), however it is not utilized commonly yet.
  • Are there charges involved? If a person deposits or withdraws 1000 Euros or less, no fee for the operation is taken. When the sum exceeds a thousand, the cost depends upon the total sum.
  • Is it a safe payment technique? It is. The information of each user of this wallet remains private all the time.

Considering the abovementioned stuff, MyCitadel gambling establishments are the gaming resources, where gamers can rely on the safest and enjoyable gaming.

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