web design basics workshop cambodia

Web Design Basics Workshop in Cambodia

The Web Design Basics Workshop from professionals based in Cambodia

You learn how to plan and design a website. We will show you what it takes to develop a user-friendly web design. In this course you will learn the basic structure of a website, we will show you how to develop designs with Adobe Creative Suite and how to implement them with HTML and CSS code. Furthermore, you will learn how to market this website correctly and how to position it well using search engine optimization. You will learn how to use Google Analytics and webmaster tools.

Their trainers are absolute professionals on the web and have been working in this industry for over a decade. They are specially tailored to your needs and show you all the tricks to make your website a success.

Overview Web-Design Basics Workshop!


  • Basics of the Internet, how does the Internet work
  • Basic construction of a website, what do you need for a successful project
  • Conception and planning of a web project
  • Develop a design with Adobe Creative Suite ( Adobe Photoshop)
  • You learn the script languages HTML and CSS and implement your design.
  • Learn how to handle images and multimedia content on your Website
  • Basics and overview of search engine optimization.
  • Learn how to use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
  • Web hosting, you learn how to publish your website on the Internet.

  • Our training courses are tailored to your specific wishes and level of knowledge. We would also be happy to guide you through existing live systems and work out the appropriate strategy with you on-demand.. We are listed as official Training Partner on drupal.org.