professional web development workshop cambodia

Professional Web Development Workshop in Cambodia

Become a Full-Stack Web-Developer

As a participant of the workshop you will learn the basics of programming with PHP and javascript. You will learn what variables, arrays, loops, objects and methods are and how to use them. Another important point of the workshop are database-driven applications, you will learn how to create dynamic forms and how to write and read values into the database. Security is an important topic, you learn how to protect your programs against hacks.

After the basics you will learn to work with modern PHP frameworks like : Symfony 2 or Laravel and Javascript frameworks like: Angular.js, React.js or jQuery. We tailor our training exactly to your needs and previous knowledge, for example, if you can already program and only want to learn one framework, this is possible.

Content: PHP

  • Introduction to Scripting
  • Introduction to Dynamic Websites
  • What is Open Source
  • Webserver Installation
  • PHP Programming Basics
  • Embedding PHP in HTML
  • Introduction to PHP Variable
  • Using Operators
  • if, else if and else if conditions
  • Statements, Switch Statements
  • while, do and fore loops
  • Functions and Arrays
  • Get & Post Methods
  • Work with cookies
  • Dates and Times
  • Database - SQL, MySQL
  • Manage Database Connections, Read and write records, tables, forms
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Learn about tested-driven development
  • Working with Framworks like: Laravel or Symfony

  • Content: JavaScript

  • Use JavaScript to control a webpage! Learn what the Document Object Model (DOM) is. Use JavaScript and the DOM to control page content and interactions.
  • Develop accessible web apps. You'll learn when and why users need accessibility. Then you'll dive into the "how" of building out accessible website components.
  • Learn how to build professional applications using object-oriented JavaScript techniques.
  • Professional tools and testing, learn all about testing your web-applications
  • Work with libraries and Frameworks like Angular.js or React.js. Most professional websites are built as single-page applications, you learn how to fetch data asynchronously, and offline apps with Service Worker.

  • We specialize in high-end web and mobile solutions and work since over 10 years in this industry. You learn from the best here in Cambodia, we involve you in current projects or work with you on your own project.

    Our training courses are tailored to your specific wishes and level of knowledge. We would also be happy to guide you through existing live systems and work out the appropriate strategy with you on-demand.. We are listed as official Training Partner on